Thursday, 21 January 2016

Festivalized Now Shipping

Hello Everyone!

It's taken a while since the book was originally conceived - to say the least - but thanks to our friends at Gonzo Multimedia, Festivalized: Music, Politics, Alternative Culture is now out in paperback as well as the eBook edition that was released in November.

And we have our first Amazon review;

""From the horse's mouth". A history that absolutely needed to be told, and an absorbing and fascinating read - an excellent book."

You can order the paperback from Amazon (it currently says 4 - 6 weeks shipping, please ignore, they are shipping copies as of now) through this link:

or the eBook at Amazon is available through this link:

If you're an Amazon customer who can give us a review, that's always very welcome!

Gonzo Multimedia also have the book available and are shipping copies currently, and you can buy the paperback (though not the eBook), here. The eBook is also available from Smashwords, where you can also download a free extract first, iTunes and other digital book retailers supplied from the Smashwords platform.

It's been a labour of love - hope you like the end result!

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