Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Stuff Happening!



A few things going on at the moment to let you know about!

Firstly, the new edition of Record Collector has a feature from me on Flicknife Records, including an interview that I did with Frenchy Gloder a couple of years back where we talk, of course, about his Hawkwind releases, but also associated releases (Frenchy has a great story to tell about recording striking miners for Bob Calvert’s Freq mini-LP), and some of the other great musicians who recorded for Flicknife, such as Nikki Sudden, whose Bible Belt LP alone would have made Flicknife an important 80s label if they hadn’t released anything else. And paired with that feature I’m chatting to Dave Brock and reflecting on 30 years of The Chronicle of the Black Sword as well as hearing from sleeve artist John Coulthart on the associated ‘Chronicle of the Cursed Sleeve’!

I’m also chatting with Dave Brock on the Louder Than War website, hearing about his Top 10 Favourite (ish) albums – and those he enjoys today. Pop along and have a read:


Finally, and I’ll talk more about this during the week, with an extract planned for sometime in the next few days, Gonzo Multimedia now have the (I hope) long awaited ‘Festivalized’ for pre-order in its print edition (the eBook is also available to pre-order via Amazon, Smashwords etc.):



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