Saturday, 3 October 2015

Dave Brock Announces New Solo Album: Brockworld

Dave Brock Announces New Solo Album



Deep in the Devon countryside, from within what appears from the outside to be an old milking shed but which on the inside – part TARDIS, part Aladdin’s Cave – is revealed to be a recording studio, something stirs. Drums are pounding, the bass is rumbling. Guitars are insistently strumming, synthesisers are powering up into sci-fi soundscapes. Welcome to Brockworld.

Following on from his critically acclaimed Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams [‘Haunting and beautiful’, 4 Stars, Record Collector], Hawkwind mainstay Dave Brock releases his latest solo LP, an eclectic compendium of psychedelic rock songs interspersed with evocative instrumentals and experimental tunes that once again confirms his place as our foremost spacerock visionary.

Brockworld is bursting with vivid ideas, a dynamic outpouring from a musician always seeking new sounds and different techniques. From the moment this album bursts out into ‘Life Without Passion’, through the heavy space drone of ‘Horizon’, to the wryly engaging ‘Falling out of Love’ and the kaleidoscopic twists and turns of ‘Age of Psychedelia’, this album aptly captures Dave Brock’s roving creativity.

“Sometimes it’s that industrial space freighter chugging down the space-ways, sometimes a nimble solar sailing ship drifting from star to star, his deft hand on the tiller… that’s Dave Brock’s special vision.” Interstellar Overdrive - The Shindig! Guide To Spacerock discusses Dave Brock’s spacerock legacy.

Pre-Order Link: Here

Dave Brock: Brockworld is officially released on 16th November 2015

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