Sunday, 7 June 2015

Damned and Damned some more


First Damned bit of this blog; a heads-up that I’m interviewing the great Brian James in the current issue of Vive Le Rock magazine, talking about his terrific new solo album The Guitar That Dripped Blood and generally chatting about his other recent solo work… and checking with him which bottle of wine would make the appropriate soundtrack to his latest record. Easy Action Records have Brian’s solo records on sale here including a handy bundle of his previous albums. Tell all your Damned friends!



So that gives me a neat neat neat segue into mentioning a new creator-owned comic by my old mate Paul Cornell, This Damned Band, which is nothing to do with The Damned I should point out but is a six-part mini-series from Dark Horse Comics that tells “the story of Motherfather, global rock superstars of 1974.  Like several prominent musicians of that era, some of the band like to intimate that they, you know, worship Satan.  But then they discover they’re actually, you know, worshiping Satan. This Damned Band is a somewhat cruel comedy/horror six-issue miniseries, definitely not for children, told as if we’re seeing a documentary movie that’s been pieced together by a film crew.  So there are interviews to camera, sections where ‘filmed footage’ is replaced with ‘artist’s depiction’ to render the subjective experiences of drug use, questions from out of frame.  One of my favourite shows is Parks and Recreation. I love that specific use of the documentary mode, where one can get reactions to camera and see intimately the gap between what people say and what they mean.  So, obviously, when writing a dark comedy about how mainstream the occult was in the 1970s, P&R was a major influence.” 


Really looking forward to this one! Pre-order it with your local comic book store!

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