Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Vive Le Rock Issue 20


A few things to mention. The new issue of Vive Le Rock magazine is out now – I’ve contributed a retrospective 30th anniversary piece on the Stonehenge Free Festivals which is compiled from interviews and material collected for Festivalized, which itself has a new publisher contracted and will appear towards the end of this year. Really pleased that VLR have devoted pages to celebrating the Stonehenge festivals and hope blog readers will get along to their newsagent or buy on-line and support this issue!

When I think of the work undertaken on the Festivalized book, one of the great memories was travelling down to Hove railway station and being picked up and driven to a scrap yard that he appeared to be living on by the legendary Gary Bamford of 2000DS. Gary and several members of his family died in a tragic head-on collision in Jamaica two or three years ago and his daughter Josie was serious injured in that accident. There’s some detail on what’s happen to Josie since and her plans for the future on this Kapipal Donations Page (Here) and it would be wonderful if blog readers who remember the free festival scene, Gary and 2000DS could click through, read its contents and make a donation however small (or large of course).

Finally a mention  that at the World Science Fiction Convention, Lon Con 3, at Excel in August, I’ll be on a panel discussing the Music of the Future at 10am on Sunday 17th. There’s also a space rock panel in the afternoon that sadly I’m not on, but for sure will be attending. If any readers of this blog are going to the World Con that day and are sitting on on either of these panels it’d be great to say “Hello”.


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