Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Moon Duo – High Over Blue

I’m constantly bemused, to say to least, how little traffic I’m seeing around my space-rock friends and forums about Portland, Oregon-based Ripley Johnson, formerly of Wooden Shijps, and Sanae Yamada: Moon Duo. It’s not like they are some sort of precious secret, they’ve been over to the UK on a number of instances – in their latest jaunt recording a live session for Marc Riley on BBC Radio 6 which went out on 16th July and so is currently available on the BBC’s Listen Again service, and their albums, Mazes and Circles, have received very positive write-ups – as did their Horror Tour EP on this blog a couple of years back. And yet… in places where I’d really anticipate a lot of love and enthusiasm for their sometimes instrumental, sometimes vocalised, music, I rarely hear about them. Why is that?

Here’s a opportunity to download twenty minutes of their music, ‘High Over Blue’, which was previously only available as an iTunes bonus track, part of the sessions that yielded their Circles LP:

It’s a lusciously hazy, messy, trippy mish-mash of addictive hypnotic madness underpinned by some insistently Floyd-esque rolling bass lines that seems to drift into a vortex of infinity. Free to download, bound to make you want to dig deeper. Then catch them in the UK during Summer 2013:

16th UK, Greenman Festival
17th UK, Manchester, Deaf Institute
18th UK, Skipton, Beacons Festival
19th UK, Newcastle, The Cluny
20th UK, Brighton, The Haunt

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