Saturday, 17 December 2011

Five Clouds ... or Similar

One terrific album that isn't even remotely space rock, then two stonking good space rock bands. Three psych-pops, well two but one's a double; four Hawkwind releases from 2011 (almost). Here are five linkages to some of the bands and musicians who have contacted me in recent months and who I've not had a opportunity to properly review yet (sorry chaps!). I'll try and blog properly on some or all of these once this sequence of blogs is completed but I hate to leave these links 'hanging in limbo' as it were so to both bookmark them for myself for future commentary and to spread the word around here's today's five things ...

I can't tell you much about these guys but they describe themselves as space stoner / doom rock. From their Facebook page it seems that they formed in November 2010 and from their bandcamp presence it looks like they've released a couple of digital albums: The Unknown Trip At the Top of the Mountain (which is a free to download recording) and Mind Journey, which can be acquired for only $5. The four tracks on their page for Mind Journey start off with some very dense and atmospheric stoner music from a band that describes its hometown as being 'Netherlands, Peru, Brazil, Greece, USA' – I'll find out some more about this band in due course!

A little bit of self-promotion here – I get lots of emails through with links to some great music but with very little biographical information to go with it which I always think is rather a shame, particularly if the band or musician is doing a big push around the various blogs and on-line magazines. If any artist out there is looking for some written promotional material to accompany their links and CDRs do drop me an e-mail; there is a cost attached I'm afraid but rates are cheap and samples of previous work can be supplied upon request.

These guys formed in December 2008 in Salt Lake City and have released one full-length album, Whisper Campaign, and have a new EP coming out this month as I understand it. There's plenty of their music to sample on this website, a free download of a live show from August of last year. Looks like they've been garnering some very decent on-line reviews – they've offered to send over a copy of the album and EP so again I'll cover them in a more depth in due course but what I've heard so far sounds good stuff!

What a great name for a band - who describe themselves as a psychedelia/jazz orientated bunch from Kildare and Dublin who are currently seeking a label to work with, with a view to releasing a vinyl. "We release all our music digitally and free of charge under a Creative Commons licence in the hope of sharing and collaboration." Their debut work, Somnia, is available to download in various file formats from their bandcamp page and their official website and a quick initial listen suggests something that's perhaps in the Canterbury mould, very thoughtfully constructed music. I'm downloading at the moment and will review in due course – do try this one out.

Space rock from Buenos Aires ... "we make sci-fi lo-fi and have just recorded the first part of a trilogy named La Era de Gran Ordenador," notes the band's Gabriel Duiroga of their project, which is revealed on bandcamp to be revolving around daily life in Buenos Aires city suburbs in the year 2076. Seems since then they've posted some tracks from both part one and two of this trilogy with the second part being scheduled for a release in February 2012. As with the rest of these bands, full review coming soon!

These guys (Brett Savage, Nick Harris and Chris Hardman) came through to me via a link posted by Mugstar on Facebook and have mentioned their debut EP, 'Soy Dios', which is sold out in physical format but which can be streamed on their bandcamp page and downloaded on a 'name your price' basis; they also say that there's a second self-released EP that was planned for November (not sure what the state of play is on this release, will find out an report back) and that they've got a track with Fruits De Mer on one of their compilations – which I think is their contribution to Keep Off the Grass. 'Soy Dios' is really good, brooding sonic drone instrumental stuff split into three distinct movements – muscular and angular but giving way to haunting atmospheres. They've got a word press page here. Once again, more on this band to follow.

There we are; I entitled this entry 'Five Clouds ... or similar' but in fact none of the links reside on Soundcloud. The best laid plans and all that! Apologies once again to all involved with these bands that I've not posted proper reviews so far, but I will do in due course!

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