Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Van Cleef - Dalek Gulch

Here's a promo video from YouTube of Australian band Van Cleef that I've been asked to pass along to blog readers. "The music video 'Dalek Gulch' is the first single from our debut feature length album Where The River Meets The Rock," I'm told by the band's Christian Thompson. "The clip is entirely written, directed and produced by the band ... no outside help whatsoever, and we are extremely proud of it. The album was recorded in South Australia and mastered by JJ Golden in Ventura California." Their album is currently available for download and for a limited time is set to a 'name your own price' which can be $0.00.

Looks to me like these guys really had a ball putting this video together, really beefy stoner / space rock with some gruffly portentous lyrics – 'cryogenics won't mend a broken heart'. You've got to agree with them... and I liked the comment on their YouTube page that said, "Before the lyrics started I had my money on the first word being SCIENCE!" Me too!

I've downloaded the album – on the strength of the excellent title for the first track: 'Barracuda Booty Boogie' – and it's a lot of fun, seems to have plenty of tongue in its cheek with heavy stuff, some rather more melodic rockers and real solid drumming. It's available here.

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