Thursday, 3 June 2010

Linkages – June 2010

The latest issue of online science fiction magazine Clarkesworld has an interesting feature by Jason Heller entitled 'Moonage Daydream – The Rock Album as Science Fiction'. Round-up the usual suspects to some degree, but some interesting additions and observations and a juxtaposition of the roles of the embryonic rock 'n' roll of the 1950s against the role of science fiction in the '50s. Hawkwind are mentioned courtesy of Space Ritual, where the author of the piece has heard Mike Moorcock delivering 'The Black Corridor' when it's actually Bob Calvert reading Moorcock's words on the album. Good stuff though with some unexpected entries and a whole host of YouTube links – read it here.

Today I was delighted to receive in the mail a free Omenopus 4 track EP, 'Portents', which as I understand it is a sampler for their debut album proper and which I'm happily listening to whilst typing up these links. How can you obtain your copy of this impressive mission statement I hear you ask! Well, I believe one way is to wait until the Sonic Rock Solstice festival later this month and blag a copy off of Bridget Wishart who'll be playing there as part of acoustic campfire duo Chumley Warner Brothers, or alternatively invest 99p in paying for P&P and order it direct from the new Omenopus website – ordering details here.

I reviewed the new album by Zuu here a few weeks back and now there's a chance to win a copy of the album on the Exploding in Sound website. Actually, I couldn't see when the end date for this was and I'd been notified about the link a few days back (sorry, Mary!) but I saw the band tweeted the link this morning so I assume the competition is still open to entrants and it's definitely a release worth having in your space rock collection. I believe the competition is to promote their debut music video that has been put together for their 'Water' track which I've embedded here:

"Water" (the Ken Andrews Remix) from Zuu on Vimeo.

Talking about Exploding in Sound, Dan Goldin sent me a press release concerning a planned HUM tribute album, the comments of which I'll reproduce here:

The time has come to pay tribute to one of the 90's most influential yet criminally overlooked bands, HUM. Pop Up Records, an independent label operating from deep within the space rock scene is searching for bands that are heavily influenced by the iconic HUM to round out the line-up for an official tribute album set for release in 2011. Hailing from Champaign-Urbana, IL, HUM released several albums throughout the 90's, both independently and with the major label RCA. Their break out hit "Stars" catapulted the band into the limelight for a brief period, but the band has always remained an underground phenomenon. Their music combines the shimmering layered guitars of space rock with elements of grunge and post-punk for a timeless sound that was unique and refreshing.

Several bands have already been confirmed for the HUM tribute album including: Funeral For A Friend, The Esoteric, (Damn) This Desert Air, and Anakin. If you are interested in being part of the tribute, please have your representation/label send an e-mail to: with your band's information and a few words on HUM's influence on your music.

The album will be presented by a team of like minded individuals including: Pop Up Records,,,, Chancellor Design, and HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS Design. Having all been influenced by HUM themselves, the team is dedicated to the project, paying tribute, and all of the bands involved. Pop Up Records are no strangers to paying homage to the icons of the 90's, as the label released the exceptional The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute to Failure in late 2008. The album featured a wide range of acts from Paramore to Exeter, showcasing the great range of Failure's influence on the different artists involved. The album primarily featured fairly unknown up-and-coming bands, introducing the world to the likes of ORION, (Damn) This Desert Air, Satellite Tragedy, and many more bands. The tribute paid its respects to Failure with the utmost brilliance, inadvertently forming a tight knit community amongst all those involved.

You can follow this one on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and interested parties can contact Dan through Exploding in Sound or Larry Suglio at Pop Up Records.


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