Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Couple of Linkages

Fred Laird of Earthling Society updates us with news of the band's latest endeavours: "Earthling Society have just finished recording the track for the Sky Saxon tribute album to be released on GRA records later this year. The track, titled 'Lost In A Daze' was written late in the life of Sky and is a spiritual hymn to his wife and the Source family. We are deeply honoured to be given a track that has been heard by so few people and we hope that we have done Sky justice." The album also features The Damned, The Chocolate Watchband, Electric Prunes and Iggy Pop to name a few and there's details to be found here. Earthling Society also have recorded what Fred describes as "a charmingly amateurish video for an unreleased track called 'God In The Mushroom'. The track is an acid-country tinged ballad dedicated to the genius of Roky Erickson and Tommy Hall and can be viewed here. Finally, Earthling Society are booked to appear at the Lost In The Woods festival.

Tonefloat Records are just about to release a new vinyl-only LP from Astralaisa, the alter-ego of free festival favourites, the Magic Mushroom Band. I'll be reviewing that shortly, but I notice there are some very limited editions of this release on Tonefloat's order page, so an early visit to secure a copy might be a good idea!

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