Sunday, 14 March 2010

Oresund Space Collective - Dead Man In Space

Spring is in the air in Cornwall, and that means... spring cleaning. And succesful spring cleaning means... my home office looks just a little less like a tip than it does at any other point in the calendar. But it does also mean a chance to pop in a few things that I've either listened to and meant to come back to for the blog, or to listen to things that have arrived and I've not had a chance to get properly acquainted with so far, whilst I'm trying to create semblance of order from the chaos of CDs and papers that surround me. In the first category, since anything by them is always a treat to listen to, is a three-track limited edition vinyl of Oresund Space Collective's Dead Man In Space release from late 2009 that OSC's Scott Heller had very kindly sent me a CDR of for review.

In true OSC tradition, two tracks are long, improvisational and atmospheric numbers, very laid-back in a way and which the band suggests harkens back to their early material. "We enter the into the realm of jazz space rock with the track 'Space Jazz Jam 2.2' which features Anders on saxophone," they note, whilst the other, 'High Pilots' they describe as "taken from the last jam of the studio session and is a very dynamic and moody piece of music." The final track is a brief spoken word piece, but the two main tracks are both a taster for a future full CD release of this jam session - always OSC's favoured and it has to be said, highly successful, methodology of working - but the limited edition vinyl run is also a tester for future vinyl releases.

I'm sure regular followers of this blog are well acquainted with Oresund Space Collective, but for newcomers, these guys are very much at the forefront of extended improvisational and melodic spacerock sounds. Their music is trippy, blissful explorations of sequence and mood that really floats away on its own mind journey. If you haven't heard them before, you really (no, really) should be aware of these guys; they've got the extended introspection of In Search of Space Hawkwind with a totally contemporary vibe - they really are the business. I believe copies of this release are still available from Kommun2/Pariah Child at £12.50/€15.00 plus postage, details can be found here or here, please don't forget to mention the blog when ordering, whilst OSC's own website is located on this link.

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