Monday, 1 February 2010

Space Shuttles... February

Endeavouring to keep up with the bits of information that you need to know about. "Need to know, old chap, need to know." This is stuff we all need to know!

Andy at Omnia Opera e-mails to advise some updates and latest happenings in Omnia land. Firstly they've established a mailing list at their website, which you can sign-up for here. Andy also been adding photographs - loads of galleries from the various eras of the band and a couple of tracks as a taster for their forthcoming new album which he confirms is "in the pipeline as we speak." Groovy!

The latest R2 magazine landed in the mailbox a couple of weeks back and I've been meaning to mention it here - I'm not reviewing anything that is specifically spacerock there this time around, but can be found really enjoying Dead Confederates Wrecking Ball, Tiger Please They Don't Change Under Moonlight, a very nice instrumental album by guitarist Micky Moody entitled Electric Journeyman and both the new album by The Wonder Stuff's Miles Hunt and Eirca Nockalls, Catching More Than We Miss and their excellent compilation album Shared which features three tracks each from various of their friends, including Wayne Hussey of The Mission. All absolutely fabulous releases.

EMI have sent over promos of their forthcoming two-disc collection Hawkwind - At The BBC 1972, which I'll be writing up for a forthcoming issue of Record Collector; this is principally two cuts of the Paris Theatre In Concert Radio 1 concert from that year, but with a couple of tracks culled from a Johnnie Walker session earlier the same year - 'Brainstorm' and 'Silver Machine'. Quality on the sessions cuts is rather grainy but it's a chance to hear a version of 'Silver Machine' that's in the style of the single itself, complete with Lemmy on lead vocals. The two versions of the In Concert are a re-indexed version of the mono Windsong release from the early '90s and the stereo version that's been bootlegged around for many years now and runs about four minutes longer than the Windsong. Would be great if one day there was a proper Hawkwind at the BBC boxset, but until then this is a decent start.

Jean d’Auberlaque of Scarlet Utopia, whose album Adventures Under Black Light I reviewed here a few months back, has let me know that the band have now signed a deal with "a really cool record label" for a reissue of that album... and a limited edition vinyl version.

And with that bit of goods news I'll sign-out. Coming up in the next few days we've got some Quarkspace (at last!), a great release that's been sent over from Canada by a band called Zuu (Everywhere), a vinyl LP from the always thrilling Oresund Space Collective, another Voiceprint round up, news on the latest release from 4 Zero Records and, as they say, much more. Cheers!

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