Saturday, 14 November 2009

Marc Hans Rummig - Alien Hymns

I don’t know much about Marc Hans Rummig, other than that he lives in Lakewood, Washington, USA is influenced by Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and Tim Blake, amongst others, has been playing synthesisers since the mid-70s, and, based on these instrumental tracks here, has an interest in Star Trek and a passion for making well-played and nicely quirky spacerock music.

Alien Hymns, I believe, has as its basis a collection of compositions that Marc originally conceived about twenty years ago and has been reworking and updating for this self-released CD. It kicks off with an engaging sea shanty piece, cunningly rebranded as ‘The Vulcan Space Shanty’ before wandering through a range of styles, taking in the cathedral organ sounds of ‘Stratos’, the monastic echoes of ‘Talos Lullabye’ and the brightly futuristic sparkle of ‘The Romulan March’.

The second half of the CD works itself around a recurring theme with an overarching title of ‘The Voyage Home’, an up tempo movement played with a brightness and light deftness that’s really rather appealing before playing out with the more strident and grandiose ‘Leaving Vulcan (Reprise)’.

Marc’s got some samples of this CD available to listen to on his Myspace page, including the afore-mentioned ‘Stratos’, the fragile brittleness of ‘Walking with Tomita’ and the militaristic ‘Klingon Battlecruiser’. Drop by and have a listen!

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