Monday, 27 July 2009

21st Century Space Adventure

Alisa Coral, of Space Mirrors and Psi Corps fame, dropped me a note to tell me about Russian label RAIG's latest project, a spacerock compilation series in free-to-download MP3 format. Closer inspection of RAIG's website brings up the following link and details:

"21st CENTURY SPACE ADVENTURE is a series of digital albums Alisa Coral and the RAIG’s Accessory Takes net-label compile and release for the purpose of exposing our listeners to modern exciting music of so-called Space Rock genre. Today, Space Rock refers to a new generation of independent bands that draw from psychedelic and progressive rock / trance, acid, dub and ambient electronica / alternative metal /world music / experimental & avant-garde influences. It typically favors otherworldly, hypnotic, space-out and mind-bending sonic explorations over conventional song structures with vocals sometimes playing second fiddle to the shimmering instrumental textures. The main goal of the series is to challenge music lovers to try and hopefully support this kind of music as well as to function as a platform that brings underground musicians and listeners from various countries together.

21st CENTURY SPACE ADVENTURE releases are available for free download to all visitors via our web-site under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license, which allows the music and artwork to be freely distributed and shared around in varying formats as long as no profit is made, but not to be used without permission for any TV, Radio, Film, etc. purposes and not to be used to produce any further works e.g. remixes, sampled, general plagiarism. Since Accessory Takes does not charge for its releases, we can offer no compensation to musicians for their work, but they keep all rights over the material for future use. Although we don't require exclusive material to be submitted, we do give preference to unreleased tracks, which gets listeners excited over the compilation and maximizes its potential audience. Also, musicians are welcome to contribute tracks to upcoming albums or from their newest albums, which gives listeners a taste of things to come without having to contribute an unreleased track. We think of the series as another promotional tool, and musicians can expect to have their tracks heard by hundreds of individuals."

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