Sunday, 21 June 2009

Links Updates 22/6/2009

Richard Millman of Carlton Melton, whose instrumental album was recently reviewed here has let me know that the band now have a new website, which can be found here.

Secret Saucer have just released their new album, Tri-Angle Waves. There'll be a review on this blog in due course, but the CD can be ordered here.

Eclectic Devils, the new studio CD from Alan Davey, featuring guest violin from Simon House, can be acquired via paypal direct from Alan by following this link.

Finally, Omenopus is a new project from Bridget Wishart, Louise Bialik and friends that has a myspace page here. "Omenopus is a collection of artists collaborating and coagulating digital noise across the planet, streaming analogue audio symbiosis over the great wide web of cyber space."

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