Sunday, 8 February 2009


I’ve been alerted to Sendelica, who describe themselves on their Myspace as ‘West Wales Psychedelic Dub-Rock Trio', by band member Glenda Pescado, formerly of the legendary Free Festival regulars the Tibetan Ukrainian Mountain Troupe and their house band, The Wystic Mankers (now appearing under the name The Surf Messengers). Sendelica are about to have their second album released by Russian label R.A.I.G Records (their first, Spaceman Bubblegum And Other Weird Tales From The Mercury Mind appeared in 2007) and have another in the pipeline, whilst R.A.I.G are also scheduled to release a Surf Messengers CD.

The Sendelica Myspace has six tracks available to listen to online, which I believe are edited versions of tracks from their debut album. ‘Indrid Cold’ is a sprightly and up-tempo strum-along space/surf guitar number. ‘To Create Is Divine’, a hypnotic floating synthesiser piece with a repeated mantra that drifts gently in and flows equally as beguiling out again. ‘Floydian’ is an easy going, laid back piece with some delicious sax sounds blowing through it, sounding like an aural representation of a warm early autumnal evening chilling out on a hammock that’s stretched from star to star, gazing up and drinking in the glittering sky. ‘Heaven And Hell’ has some steely lead-guitar about it and sounds like an improvisational festival warm-up. ‘Spaceman Bubblegum 2’ has the touch of a Hawkwind or Amon Duul jam, lots of moody bass and drums, a little reminiscent in feel to Hawkwind’s ‘Snakedance’ as played live in the later part of 1990 and early 1991 when the Hawks stripped down to a drum ‘n’ bass trio, it really works the bass part against the studied drums, and again you’ll get the feeling that this is ideal open air festival music. ‘Sunfazed’ is a slowly swaying movement and again rather hypnotic in texture.

Not hard, then, to see the influences behind this music, but it’s really well formed, well played, stuff, very involving and atmospheric and I’m certainly very interested in where their second and third offerings take them. Sendelica have an appearance scheduled at the Derbyshire-based Sonic World Festival on 5th September 2009.

Sendelica Myspace Page

Sendelica at R.A.I.G Records

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